Henry M-LOK Aluminum Handguard Rail w/Loading Port Cutout

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Product Description

Features: 3 Flush Cup holes for sling swivels, 1 Trad sling stud hole, 24 M-LOK slots, 18 finger grooves per side

Fits: Henry models (all calibers): Side Gates, X Series, Color Case Hardened, Big Boy Steels, All Weather, .410 Axe rifles

DOES NOT FIT:ANY Golden Boys (H006 or personal engraved), Henry Long Rangers, Single Shots or 22's (search for separate Henry 22 Rimfire Forearm on our website), Henry Long Rangers, Henry barrel band models, Henry 45/70 H010GCC and 30-30 H009GCC

Loading Port Cutout: Load via the mag tube port, or tube front, or side loading gate if you have one.

Material: 6061-T6 aluminum (Type III Black anodized)

Weight: 7.5 oz (similar to the factory forearm)

Handguard Length: 13.25" Length (exposed opening mag tube loading port)

Mounting Hardware: 17-4ph stainless tenon (provided)

Robust build quality. Black type III anodizing. The RPP handguard is supplied with purpose built mounting hardware that is significantly stronger than Marlin factory hardware. Our burly tenon is made of 17-4ph stainless, the strongest grade available. Our barrel band adapter clamps around the barrel, rather than simply using a floating pin. While we have confidence in the strength of our system, there is a practical limit to how much weight/recoil your barrel dovetail can support, so we discourage the use of heavy accessories and bipods.

Easy DIY Install. We wanted to guarantee a drop in fit, with no gunsmith required. Unfortunately, rifle tolerances can vary quite a bit, so we knew we couldn’t achieve this goal with precise machining alone. So we came up with our proprietary self bedding system. Incorporating rubber pads allows our M-LOK handguard rail to accommodate a wide range of tolerances without having to alter parts. In addition, these pads improve accuracy potential, even over factory parts. NOTE - Taking Henry's apart can be tricky. We're not liable for any damage to your rifle. 

Practical functionality. Our handguard offers compatibility with all standard M-LOK accessories as well as flush cup style QD attachments. All three panels offer mounting points for both. In addition, all three panels are separately removable, without dismounting the lever-action handguard. In the event of damage, the affected panel can be easily replaced at modest cost. This allows for easy customization as well. New panel designs/colors/Cerakote designs may be available in the future as well.

Natural ergonomics. While this is a subjective category, we tested numerous designs before settling on this one as the best. The flat bottom provides stability when shooting from a rest, the slender width accommodates most hand sizes, and deep finger grooves along the entire top section offer excellent control for offhand shooting. Throughout, you’ll find radiused, chamfered, or tumbled edges to make the guard comfortable on bare hands. No cheese graters here.